Different Life Forms

Robbie Heidinger

I am very attracted to art objects that are imbued with an internal life. I think one of the things that first attracted me to ceramics was the intrinsically implied life force of the vessel. The container that carries the metaphor for that which can carry, hold, protect and create life. 

Ruth Asawa's work has a motherly quality. It has a sense of feminine protection, form holding form- protector of children and nature. Her enclosed pods have a gentile embracing vibe.  They are soothing whole objects, self contained and autonomous.  

Martin Puryear's work also captures an internal life but in a different way. Pleasing to the eye yet charged with an aggressiveness. His pieces feel like they are on the verge of exploding. He creates volumetric tensions that push out into space. Thrilling powerful forms.


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