about me



Watch a plant grow, and you see its intention is perfect. It uses just the right shape, amount of color, and texture to fulfill its pliant, living design. I try to emulate this “biosophy” in clay--without doing realistic imitations of plants.

My work is very touchable. It satisfies the urge to feel something attractively “natural,” and more seductively, rewards the user by connecting them with a very potent and tightly focused abstraction of the tissues and structures of organic life. This—the psychosomatic connection occurring during the act of using the piece—unleashes the potencies of my expression.



Most of my forms are hand-built and a select few become molds for slip casting. That said, there are never two pieces that are identical. Each piece comes out of the kiln with a unique glaze surface, sometimes shiney, other times matt, depending on placement in my soda kiln. The atmosphere in the kiln also varies from firing to firing making the results always a surprise!

I have been intensely inspired by animation, dance, and textiles. I have an MFA Degree from RISD, and have been honored with the Massachusetts Cultural Council's Artist Fellowship. I participate in shows around the country and have an annual summer studio sale in Westhampton, Massachusetts. 

My studio is a converted horse stable surrounded by chicken coops, perennial gardens, three dogs, and woodstacks. I have a constant physical and visual interplay between what is happening in my studio and what is growing in my garden. Both spaces require constant care and editing.

This website showcases my limited edition production line. If you are a gallery or collector and would like to see my one of a kind work please visit, email for images or call 413.695.7994.