about me



Watch a plant grow, and you see its intention is perfect. It uses just the right shape, amount of color, and texture to fulfill its pliant, living design. I try to emulate this “biosophy” in clay--without doing realistic imitations of plants.

My work is very touchable. It satisfies the urge to feel something attractively “natural,” and more seductively, rewards the user by connecting them with a very potent and tightly focused abstraction of the tissues and structures of organic life. This—the psychosomatic connection occurring during the act of using the piece—unleashes the potencies of my expression.




I have been intensely inspired by animation, dance, and textiles and of course the entire history of art making. I have an MFA Degree from RISD, and have been honored with the Massachusetts Cultural Council's Artist Fellowship. I have work in private and public collections and participate in shows around the country.

If you are a gallery or collector and would like to see my one of a kind work please visit, email for images or call 413.695.7994. Currently working on a line of pieces for gallery/stores. Please visit glowroom.net if you would like to see this limited edition work.